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Helping you setup your food business. Super fast

What We Do

For You

Are you looking to get into the delivery market with minimal headache. Come speak to us. We have options for all types of setups from new startups to experienced corporates

Tried and tested

We’ve run a dark / brite kitchen ourselves so know what it takes. We’re happy to provide advice on anything that will help support your business

save on upfront costs

Our kitchens come ready kitted with most things you’ll need to get started

getting your food to lots of customers

We’re in a great central location in Nottingham (NG7). Which gives you good access to most of the delivery-friendly parts


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Your Food Gone?

We’ve changed our direction a little, so we’re no longer doing food. Devastating, I know. But don’t worry…..

You can still get our White’s Gourmet Fried Chicken stuff, pre packaged for you to make at home. Want to check it out? Yes I do

Are we offering a takeaway or restaurant?

Neither, we’re pretty different to both. We’re actually a Brite Kitchen. What’s one of them you ask…

Brite Kitchen: noun [braɪt kɪtʃ.ən]: A visible kitchen that serves different types of food that are mainly ordered online



Our Brite Kitchen’s in Forest Fields which gives you great access to City Centre (NG1), NG7, NG5, NG3, NG4 and parts of NG2, NG8

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