Brite Kitchen

As you’ll already know, we started off as a delivery food company. COVID changed a lot of things, but one key takeaway (pun intended!)  is that delivery is here to stay.

We’ve been a dark (or cloud / virtual) kitchen from day one. We don’t like the term Dark Kitchen as we’re a little different to the existing model. We prefer to call ourselves a Brite Kitchen. We offer customers the option to collect from our kitchens which opens up a new customer segment

Brite Kitchen: noun [braɪt kɪtʃ.ən]: A visible kitchen that serves different types of food that is mainly ordered online

Having been through all of it ourselves we know first hand what it takes to run a successful digital brand.

Are you looking to get into the delivery market with minimal headache. Come speak to us. We have options for all types of kitchens and setups from new startups to experienced corporates


What you get

Double Prep Sink

Hand Wash Basin

Designed to fully comply with Environmental Health and FSA regulations

Located in Forest Fields which is half a mile from Nottingham City Centre and an excellent location to cover the majority of Nottingham.

Canopy and Interlocked Ventilation with Gas Points ready to connect to

Free WiFi

Waiting area for customers and delivery drivers to collect orders

Shuttered premises

Gas certificate

Steel prep tables

Fridge and Freezers

Table Top Self Cleaning Fryers*

Gas Fryer*

Natural Gas Grill*

Take orders through our website for a small monthly fee with no commissions*

* Additional Cost

Interested? You can book a visit to our kitchen (click here)


Interested? You can book a visit to our kitchen (click here)