Ways to Order


We hate faff, so here are some ways to cut a whole load out and get your food sooner

1. Create an account here and add your address & payment details.

When you’re logged in, all your personal details and payment information will automatically go straight into the checkout page. This saves a whole load of time when you’re checking out. You can also pay using Apple Pay, Android Pay and Chrome Pay.  If you want to see how we manage your personal details have a read of our Privacy Policy.

2. When you log in, check the “stay logged in” box

If you’re on a secure, personal device, it’s best to keep logged in. It makes it that little bit easier to place your order.

3. Add us to your homepage

Our website is super special, which means you can add it to your homepage and it’ll look and feel like an app….even though it’s not an app. Pretty cool eh!

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There you have it, less faff and eating sooner. It’s win-win for everyone. Order Faster, eat sooner



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