Who Are We

Who Are We

A Brite Kitchen

What's That?

Brite Kitchen: noun [braɪt kɪtʃ.ən]: A visible kitchen that serves different types of food that is mainly ordered online

We’re not a Restaurant and we’re not quite a Takeaway. To be honest, we couldn’t figure out a proper word for what we do. So we just came up with our own. We’re a Brite Kitchen.

What does that mean?! You’ve probably heard about Dark Kitchen’s, but we don’t like to keep so secret, hence the term. If that sounds too complicated. don’t worry, all you need to know is, we do great food that we switch around regularly. You order mainly online, but you can also come to our Brite Kitchen and order.

If all that reading’s made you hungry. Or if you feel like you’ve lost a few valuable minutes of your life that you’ll never get back. Worry not! Let us make up for it and take you to our awesome food. Enough talking, take me to your food!

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